3D solutions that enhance
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Accelerate your sales and provide your customer with a real experience. Explore the full potential of your project.

Leverage your sales!



Images that value your project and increase your customers' satisfaction with the most powerful 3D technology.


Films that tell stories attracting the viewer's attention, developed with the same technology used in cinemas.

Tour 360

Immersion of the user into the virtual environment, where he can interact and feel as if he is there.

3D Humanized Plans

Representing project environments seen from the top, it allows easy interpretation as to the size of the environments creating a more realistic notion about the function of each space.



About the company

We love architecture, photography and technology. That is what motivate us!

Evoke admiration and comprehension of the smallest details, that’s what drive us.

We are careful, love to share stories and experiences on all kind of ways. Everything we are and create is done with exclusivity, thinking from the big picture to the smallest details, because reused designs don’t tell authentic stories.

Through images, we tell stories that make people experience them.

Our objective is to be part of your story, and together, bring imagination to reality.

We have know how, we work together, we dream, we enchant, and are committed. Nice to meet you, we are Pixer Visual.

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